Happily working for travel & lodging
(plus a small stipend).


Jake Nelson

Designer, Consultant, Traveler
& Hostel Manager

In 2015, I sold out of a digital agency that was, if I might say, doing pretty well. We focused on custom eCommerce, design & development.

The success we experienced became cause for change— we had grown too quickly. Too many employees, too many processes, too many moving parts. The creativity and affordability were lost, and with it, my love for the business of the creative agency (at least in the traditional sense).

It was time for a new adventure, and after a two year sabbatical in Brasil, BravoSolo has evolved into a perfect match for modern boutique hospitality, travel and tourism ventures, regardless of location.


“BravoSolo takes its name from many languages— better to think of it as a state of mind. Excited, good, brave, simple, content, flexible. It’s ever-changing…”

Today, BravoSolo offers a unique model based on relationships and affordability for the client. It is a means to an end, but that end is not just to earn a living.

By creating a new pricing model, whereby the majority of our compensation comes in the form of lodging and paid travel expenses and a new workflow model, in which it is mandatory to work with the client in-person at their property, we are able to accomplish and finance numerous goals.

We earn a living wage while traveling (which can be prohibitively expensive) and the Client gets critical face time with experts who experience the property first-hand. Combined, this results in a better work product, expedited workflow and therefore, a drastic reduction in fees.

Oh, and in my down time, I also manage a hostel startup on Lake Superior and dabble in just about everything.