BravoSolo designs and engineers differentiated eCommerce experiences for clients in the United States, Brasil and beyond on the Shopify platform. We seek unique and creative clients with equally unique and creative products which fill a market void. We do not deal in commodities or marketing. Our focus is strictly on producing and maintaining the highest converting digital commerce experiences for our clients and their users which warrant a passive and social approach to explosive growth.


eCommerce Design/Engineering

We begin with extensive research and wireframes to ensure the website will accomplish its objective. We then apply the design and make sure it doesn’t get in the way of that objective. While we always create a pleasing aesthetic we assure that it doesn’t come at the cost of usability.

Quality eCommerce engineering means being thorough– from executing the full vision of the designer to accounting for graceful degradation of outdated browsers. We mind subtle details which allow successful production of websites and apps that are optimized for the best user experience on screens of all sizes including; desktop, tablet, and every mobile device available.



You’ll be impressed with how fast and skillfully we can jump in, solve problems, make updates, perform maintenance, and significantly improve efficiency. On-Demand support gives you access to our highly responsive team with flexible “payfor-use” service, as needed. Simply submit a ticket to our dedicated support system and you’ll be in touch with our team. We track time in 15 minute increments via our professional ticketing system to ensure successful completion of each task, collaborate and assure client satisfaction. Our on-demand eCommerce maintenance services come with convenient and transparent monthly billing which allows every client to know exactly what they're paying for. 



Building a great website with BravoSolo is only the beginning of a long journey toward conversion optimization, which should be the goal of any eCommerce entrepreneur. We have you covered. 

In addition to our more tangible eCommerce design/engineering and on-demand support services we also offer Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It's the core of our business. 

The process begins with a thorough CRO audit and user testing which results in an actionable list of improvements which need to be made to your site. In addition to our expertise, you will also be able to view multiple videos of users interacting with your site with predefined goals.